Dr. Wouter Momberg was a South African scientist who worked to develop racially-targeted bioweapons. During apartheid, Dr. Momberg was a scientist on the clandestine Project Coast where he began developing bioweapons to target people of color. At some point, he emigrated to the United States and continued his research with funding and support from far-right fanatics including Garrett Detwiler and Phil Brunton. Momberg set up a lab in New England disguised as a brewery. He combined modern research with his work from South Africa in order to CRISPR together a virus targeting people with dark-skin pigmentation. The virus would initially make individuals of color sick but they would eventually get better not realizing that the virus' true purpose was to make them sterile. Momberg was forced to kill himself to avoid being taken into federal custody but before his death, he uploaded his research online in hopes that others would attempt to replicate it.

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