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West Hun Chiu is an East Asian nation.


It is located on the Hun Chiu Peninsula off the coast of the South China Sea. It is bordered by East Hun Chiu to the east and China to the west.

There is a DMZ along the border, as well as 300,000 active military personal plus 50,000 American advisors, with an additional 200,000 reserve personal.


Unlike its neighbor, West Hun Chiu is a democratic republic. Its head of state is President Han.


The country has a GDP 75 times greater than East Hun Chiu.

Additional Information

Several other notable cities within the country include:

  • Basan
  • Simpan
  • Pyan
  • Gamyi


  • In West Hun Chiuese, “kin-wo-sa” means howdy.
  • Hun Chiu is based off real life Korea, with West Hun Chiu representing South Korea.


The Hun Chiu Peninsula, with West Hun Chiu to the left, bordering China.