Senator Walter Dunlap is a Republican Senator from Iowa. He describes himself as leaning toward the center,[1] and also voted for SB 8180, which strengthens federal background checks.


Dunlap was appointed to the Senate by the Governor of Iowa.

Like President Kirkman, Dunlap went to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. In a conversation with Kirkman in the Oval Office, they reminisced about their younger years, while eating a Pinesburger, a local delicacy from Ithaca.

Initially he was wary to vote for SB 8180, saying he could not go rogue on his first big vote, and that the language is way too broad. However, after Speaker of the House Kimble Hookstraten publicly supported the bill and assured Dunlap she would cover for him, he called Kirkman to tell him he would vote yes. He also hints he wanted to say yes from the start, but was unable to because of politics.[2]

Considering their time together at Cornell University, he is most likely about the age of Kirkman, who was born in 1967.


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