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Misalliance is is the nineteenth episode of of the first season of Designated Survivor and the nineteenth episode overall.


As the White House gears up for President Kirkman's first international summit, Kimble Hookstraten faces her toughest political battle yet when her speakership is challenged. Meanwhile, Alex wrestles with whether or not to bring the kids back to Washington.


Jason tails Patrick Lloyd after having a tracking pin planted on him. He ends up at a remote location where Patrick is talking to one of his co-conspirators about their next target. As he continues surveillance, he hears a sound from the woods around him. He gets up and begins an area search, finding a deer walking nearby. Thinking he's in the clear, he turns to go back to his surveillance location, and is shot twice in the chest by Nestor Lozano (aka, Catalan).

Meanwhile Hannah is still being detained in a cargo trailer. She manages to get away from her captor by picking the lock on her handcuffs and surprising him when he returns to sedate her. After running out of her makeshift prison, she finds herself on a container ship in the middle of what appears to be the ocean.


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