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Two ways the president and his family can leave the White House; out the front door in Kevlar vests and a thirteen car armed motorcade or out the back in a Chevy and a ball cap.

Mike Ritter is a Secret Service agent assigned to protect Housing and Urban Development Secretary Tom Kirkman. When Tom becomes president, Mike becomes the head of Kirkman's Secret Service. Mike seems to have close relationships with every member of Kirkman's family. Throughout the years, he provides sound advice to Kirkman, and they discuss topics that Kirkman worries about as well.

When Kirkman is adjusting to his post, Mike gives him a lot of advice on what his job will entail, which can be seen in the quote above as well. He cares deeply about the president and his family, and seems very trusting of Kirkman's decisions. Though it is not explicitly shown what history Mike and Kirkman have, it is clear that they are comfortable with each other, and Mike also feels comfortable confronting Kirkman.

Mike is one of Tom Kirkman's most trusted staff members. He was tasked, along with Aaron Shore, with helping Hannah Wells in finding the hacker in Season 2. He often works with Hannah, and continues to work with Chuck Russink. He also states that he has a lot of respect for Hannah Wells. Though Mike Ritter is Secret Service, he often plays a large role in certain National Security issues. Due to his close relationship with the president, as well as other members of the administration, he is present in the Situation Room, and other classified discussions.

In season 2, we see Mike helping a junior staffer. She explains to him that she is worried about her brother, who works in Special Forces. Due to Mike's history with Special Forces, he sympathizes with her. Initially he lies to her, as he is not allowed to share that her brother is deployed. However, we later see the junior staffer meeting Kirkman in the Oval Office. Mike also helps reassure the staffer, once they know that her brother is safe. She thanks him later. Mike did not appear in any episode of Season 3 due to budget and creative changes, according to the actor. It is unlikely that he will return to the show.