Senator Mary-Anne Louis is a Republican Senator from Alaska.


She was appointed to the Senate by the Governor of Alaska.

When President Kirkman wanted to pass SB 8180, which strengthens federal background checks, he could not rely only on Democratic Senators, who numbered 46. As a result, he needed to convince at least five Republicans to vote yes on the bill, and she was one of the targets. However, she was very conflicted on what her position should be.

President Kirkman promised her if she were to lose her re-election bid for the Senate, he would give her a position in his cabinet. She couldn't bring herself to vote for the bill, and so she voted no.


Mary-Anne is one of the few Republican Senators with slightly more moderate views than rest of her colleagues, with Emily Rhodes saying that "she got a moderate streak, but it is Alaska." She still voted no on SB 8180 when it was brought to the Senate floor.