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Mars Harper is the new White House Chief of Staff to President Kirkman. He took over after Emily Rhodes who resigned as her mother got sick. Mars Harper came in to make some order and control the White House which he is doing, at this moment.


Mars earned a degree in political science from a mediocre university and then started working for Lynn’s father. He began a relationship with Lynn and eventually married her. One of Harper’s reasons for marrying Lynn with that he thought it would improve his career prospects if he were to marry the daughter of a prominent United States Senator. Mars built up a reputation as a consummate Washington insider. After Emily Rhodes resigned President Kirkman hired Mars as his new White House Chief of Staff. He developed a reputation for being tough but fair and aims to put the Kirkman administration back on track. Mars began to have an extramarital affair when his wife relapsed in their marriage nearly exploded. Despite his infidelity, Mars tried to be supportive of Lynn and give her the help she needed. He began to work closely with White House Director of Social Innovation Isabel Pardo and she reinvigorated his belief in using the power of government to help people. Mars began a secret campaign to undermine pharmaceutical companies and proved that they were irresponsible when they created and prescribed opioids that cause millions of Americans to struggle with addiction. He created a policy proposal to redesign America’s drug policy focusing on a treatment based solution instead of incarcerating drug users. Mars decided to end his extramarital affair and successfully began to rebuild the relationship with his wife. He planned to hire Isabel Pardo as the new White House Deputy Chief of Staff. Martha attempted to convince his wife to run a special election for her father’s old senate seat.

Preceded by:
Emily Rhodes
White House Chief of Staff
2019 - present
Succeeded by: