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Kunami (officially the Emirate of Kunami) is a Middle Eastern nation.


The country is located in the Persian Gulf, on the border of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is also shown to have maritime borders with Iran and Bahrain.


Kunami is an unstable emirate that has been under military and economic sanctions for nearly a decade. Although officially a parliamentary monarchy, the emirate is a dictatorial regime desperate to legitimise itself on the national stage. It spends more on developing nuclear weapons than the life of the population.

The national was originally ruled by Emir Farhad Abbasi, but he later abdicated in favour of his more moderate nephew.

The nations representative to the United States is Ambassador Salimi, who was later discovered to be responsible for the D.C Metro Brandt Station Bombing. He knew that in the case of war with the United States, the Emir would be removed from power, and he and Amal Hamzi could then take power.


The military of the Emirate of Kunami is divided into several departments:

  • Royal Kunami Land Forces
  • Royal Kunami Air Force (includes Air Defense Forces)
  • Royal Kunami Navy (includes Marines and Special Forces)
  • Strategic Rocket Forces
  • Ministry of the National Guard
  • Kunami Special Protection Corps


The majority of the population follow Sunni Islam, however the section of Shia Islam is the established ruling minority, with the Emir following that faith. Other minority religions in the country include: Eastern Orthodox, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Additional Information

Information within the PEOC shows several international disputes the nation is currently in, including: national protests, Saudi Arabia limiting the flow of the dammed Wadi Hanifa Basin during a drought, disputes with Kuwait regarding their maritime border beyond the mouth of the Shatt Al Idam, reinforcing border security to stem illegal activities along the border with Saudi Arabia.

Other information shown in the PEOC reveals issues of concern the United States government has with Kunami, primarily the nations uranium proliferation program, which resulted in the country being placed under military and economic sanctions.

When evidence linking the DC Metro Brandy Station Bombing to the Emir, President Kirkman retaliated with airstrikes on Kunami military targets. He then addressed the American people and said it was a war.


Kunami news graphic seen on All-America Broadcasting.

Kunami's location in relation to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.