Kimble Hookstraten was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a representative from the state of Missouri and formerly the Majority Whip for the Republican Party. She served on House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security and is on the board of American Enterprise Association. On the night of President Richmond's State of the Union address, she was selected by her party as their "designated survivor." 

In the aftermath of the attack and the installation of HUD Secretary Tom Kirkman as President of the United States, Congresswoman Hookstraten strongly supports his authority while secretly harboring her own agenda. The Congresswoman served as presumptive Speaker of the House of Representatives until the special election where she was officially elected to the position by the new House of Representatives.

After her support getting SB 8180 passed in the Senate and House of Representatives she became Kirkman's top candidate for Vice President. However one of her former staffers and Senator Jack Bowman conspired against her by releasing information about a trip she took to Turkey which happened shortly before she co-sponsored on a controversial Turkish military aid package. The House Ethics Committee decided to open an investigation into her actions. Hookstraten eventuality decided to resign from the Speakership and her seat in House of Representatives because she felt she could not properly represent her constituents with the scandal looming over her. She used the last of her influence in the House to get art education funding and refinanced art education funding. She is currently President Kirkman’s nominee for Secretary of Education.



  • Hookstraten is a third-generation DC "Blue Blood"
  • Hookstraten served in House of Representatives for 12 years, which would equate to six terms.
  • Hookstraten served as the Republican Party's Majority Whip in House of Representatives for nine years.
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