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Senator Jim O'Malley is a Republican Senator from the state of Texas who in the past also served in the United States Department of the Treasury under former President Cornelius Moss.


O'Malley was appointed to the Senate by the Governor of Texas, to fill the seat after his predecessor died in Capitol Bombing.

When President Kirkman wanted to pass SB 8180, which strengthens federal background checks, he could not rely on Democratic Senators, because of them being in the minority in the U.S. Senate and having only 46 seats. As a result, he needed to convince at least five Republicans to vote yes on the bill, and he was one of the targets.

Cornelius was the one with the task to convince him to vote "yay" on the bill because of him being his former boss. Although reluctant at first to do the right thing, Moss promised him, his endorsement if he were to run for the full term to the U.S. Senate.