James Royce is the former Governor of Michigan. After the Capitol Bombing, Royce began to fear the Muslim community in Michigan and ordered police to go after and arrest Muslim citizens. Although a bluff from Tom Kirkman initially halted these actions, Royce began to violently detain protesters who were against his beliefs and even got the Michigan State Guard on his side. He was then arrested for treason against the United States.


News of aggressive Muslim arrests in Michigan began to spread during Kirkman's speech at the wreckage of the United States Capitol. When contacted by Kirkman, he defended his actions by saying that he was just protecting his citizens, but ceased the arrests after Kirkman bluffed that he arrested three government workers.

However, James refused to back down. He then resumed targeting the Muslim community (which subsequently resulted in the death of a 17 year old boy) and even managed to get the Michigan State Guard's support. During a confrontation from Emily Rhodes, Royce justified his actions by referencing major terrorist attacks such as 9/11 and stating that they were all caused by Muslims, to which Emily replied that they were extremists, not Muslims. He was later arrested by President Kirkman for treason against the United States.

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