The Governors' Summit was an event that took place at the White House. It was called together and hosted by President Kirkman a couple weeks after the Capitol Bombing.[1] All fifty state governors were in attendance.


The Summit's purpose was to discuss issues with the governors and to get them to appoint a Senate, so the Senate could in turn create a pathway to an election for the House of Representatives, and then get President Kirkman's Cabinet confirmed.[2]

The Summit was interrupted by gunfire outside of the Eastwing of the White House. The President and his family were locked down in the White House Residence, while the other governors remained at the White House until it was safe to escort them to their hotels.

The shooter escaped into a nearby park. Agent Ritter and other Secret Service agents, along with other agencies, tracked down the shooter. Agent Ritter saw the shooter moving in the trees and fired a round. He took the shooter's life, but was also shot in the process.


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