I needed someone I could trust to make sure an attack like that never happens again.
~ Gabriel explaining why he did not leak Tom Kirkman's files

Gabriel Thompson is a former NSA employee, known for whistleblowing members of President Richmond's cabinet. He was also the man responsible for discovering the similarities between File 12-80C (a simulation addressing the Capitol's physical vulnerabilities) and the Capitol Bombing.


After his daughter's death during the Capitol bombing, he stole confidential and damaging files against President Richmond's entire cabinet (except for Tom Kirkman) from the NSA and leaked them. He additionally leaked a report on a senator's inappropriate associations with young individuals and put Emily Rhodes' career at risk. However, his real intention was to get an interview with the President.

Aaron Shore met up with him to ask if he wanted an interview with the President, to which Gabriel said yes. While Aaron went on about how Gabriel's actions put a close friend of the President (Emily) at risk of being fired, Gabriel told him that he had a way to save her career. As such, he later gave physical evidence against the senator to the President.

After turning in the stolen information to Tom and before being taken into custody, he warned him about File 12-80C, a Department of Defense simulation on how to destroy the Capitol; portrayed almost exactly like the Capitol bombing.