Farhad Abbasi is the former Emir of Kunami.


Abbasi is the dictatorial ruler of the Emirate of Kunami. He practises Shia Islam and is in charge of the ruling Shia minority within the country, which is majority Sunni.

Season 2


After the D.C Metro Brandt Station Bombing, the Kirkman Administration uncovers several pieces of evidence that show that Kunami was behind the attack. This prompts President Tom Kirkman to launch a series of co-ordinated strikes against the country, including its capital city Raza'a.

When it is later revealed that Ambassador Salimi was responsible for the attack, in collusion with rebel leader Amal Hamzi, the Emir revokes his diplomatic status. This enables him to be arrested by the US Secret Service. It is later shown that Abbasi abdicated leadership and the throne in favour of his younger and more moderate nephew.