Dr. Eli Mays is an independent biohacker. He crowdsourced to fund a DIY lab where he conducted various experiments including mapping the genome of the opium poppy, altering algae to produce palm oil, and curing gray hair. Dr. Mays was incredibly concerned with the ethics of bioengineering and was afraid of the development of bioweapons. He monitored the scientific community and attended scientific conferences all around the world speaking about the dangers of bio editing. Hannah Wells initially wished to recruit Dr. Mays to sabotage the heroin supply in the Middle East. Mays quickly rebuffed her offer and convinced Wells that there were bigger threats to focus on. He was the first to find evidence of the bioweapon conspiracy orchestrated by Wouter Momberg. After gaining more information about the potential bioweapon that was being created to target people of color Mays partnered with Wells to try protect the public. During the bioweapon crisis Dr. Mays served the government scientific advisor and worked to mobilize the scientific community to help stop the attack. After the conspiracy had ended Mays sat down with President and advocated for measures the public safe from future scientific threats and ways to keep rogue scientists accountable.

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