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Damian Rennett was a British MI-6 Operative stationed at the British Embassy in Washington DC. He was also a romantic love interest of FBI Agent Hannah Wells, until the revelation that he was also working with the Russian Embassy. Agent Wells first meets Rennett trying to track down Patrick Lloyd. Rennett also assisted Agent Wells in the investigation into the death of British MP Charlotte Thorn.

However, he was revealed to have been hindering Hannah's investigation, after Chuck Russink found out he had tipped off a target she set her sights on. After discovering this, Hannah confronted Damian, who claimed to have an explanation; before he could take out whatever he had out of his pocket, Hannah shot her former partner off a bridge, to which he survived due to the Kevlar vest he was wearing underneath his jacket.

10 weeks later, he resurfaces by confronting Hannah at her apartment, where she discovers that he was working for Russia. Damian continues to work with Wells through an investigation to find the hacker who is responsible for a NASA hack. While Damian and Wells are rushing back to the White House after finding some information about Gamine, Damian is killed by a drive-by shooter, orchestrated by Valeria Poriskova.


At some point, Damian became an operative of the British MI-6. Damian was also a double agent, working with Russia.

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