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The D.C. Metro Bombing was an attack committed by Arturo Rojas and orchestrated by Ambassador Salimi which claimed the lives of six federal agents, including the head of the FBI, John Forstell.

Following the attack, the US declared war on Kunami; believing that the Emir was responsible. Once Salimi was found out, the current Emir abdicated, and conflict between the two countries ended.


Shortly after brokering a peace deal between East and West Hun Chiu, President Kirkman was informed of an iminent threat to the United States.

Initially believing the attack was being carried out by East Hun Chiu, Kirkman detains their leadership. An investigation by Hannah Wells, Chuck Russink and Detective Blakey discovers the target for the attack to be the Brandt Metro Station.

After discovering what they initially believed to be a fake bomb, Wells and Blakey discover the body of Arturo Rojas and realize the real bomb is still in the station. The explosion kills six federal agents, including the director of the FBI John Forstell.