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Freedom. It what makes America great - the fight that never ends. And as the brave forces of the United States military deploy to trouble spots around the world, Browning-Reed is right there beside them. Browning-Reed is the tip of the spear when it comes to security strategy.
~ Browning-Reed advertisement

Browning-Reed was a private military for the Pentagon established in 1993, who are affiliated with the True Believers.


After Patrick Lloyd founded the company, Browning Reed was awarded two billion in government contracts and Browning Reed became the premiere security company for the United States in Iraq.

In Afghanistan, some of Browning-Reed's employees were responsible for killing a number of civilians and bribed Afghan authorities to cover it up. Seemingly shut down in 2015, the company was continuously paying rent for prominent real estate properties, including Brooke Mathison's residence and one in North Dakota, where an underground missile silo was. Inside it, the facility held numerous anti-tank mines, the same ones used to blow up the Capitol.

The "True Believers" used the area near the missile silo to create a makeshift landing pad for incoming helicopters.

Known members