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Hxgh Hxgh 22 March 2021

4th season

surly there will be a 4th season

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TheAmericanDream TheAmericanDream 27 March 2017

Wordmarks, Backgrounds, and Other Designs

This blog may be pointless, as this wiki has about 3 active editors, but everything I wanted to say wouldn't go well in a thread post. Anyway, here goes nothin'.

If you've been around the last few days, you'll notice I've updated our main page, and re-vamped the design. I'd love to hear any thoughts on that, and especially hear any ideas for improvement.

 I'd like to do the same thing for our wiki "wordmark" or logo, and the background, as far as revamping goes. I'd also like to possibly tweak profile design and other header features.

I few proposed new wordmarks are below.

Any colors could be tweaked upon request.

I've also been working on a few different backgrounds, but I don't have anything real concrete yet, so I'd love help as far as idea…

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