The truth... I still see all their faces... what we did... I wish I died there Cap, I wish I never came back...
~ Alvin about his experiences in Afghanistan to Peter MacLeish

Alvin Joyner is a motorcycle repairer and a veteran who served in Peter MacLeish's unit.


While in war, he, as a corporal with MacLeish's unit were on a covert meeting to escort Nestor Lozano to deliver money to an Afghani war criminal. The meeting, however, went wrong and the warlord ordered his men to kill them. They fought their way out, but the warlord continued to pursue, killing one by one members of the unit. The unit was later driven into a violent state and shot everything in their path, going as far as to kill civilians. A short time later, Alvin drew a gun at Lozano and demanded to know what was going on, to which Lozano confessed that he was a CIA officer sent with five million dollars in money to help fight against the Taliban. At that instant, MacLeish's unit wanted to kill Lozano out of retribution for their fallen friends, but were stopped by MacLeish. After the war, Alvin became traumatized at what they did in Afghanistan.

Alvin later met up with Peter in the Arlington National Cemetery to discuss on what they did in Afghanistan, where he became worried that what they did would eventually be uncovered. After Hannah Wells came out with a gun to arrest Peter for perjury, Alvin tackled her while telling his former captain to run. He attempted to hold Hannah back long enough for Peter to escape, but was knocked unconscious.

Alvin was later interrogated by Hannah Wells about the mission in Afghanistan. He initially refused to tell her anything, but after being disgusted by how a document described the mission, he soon gave in to his conscience; he then told Hannah what he and MacLeish did together back in war.


Ever since the crimes he committed in back in Afghanistan, he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. As a result, he has large amounts of anxiety and guilt when the mission is brought up in a conversation. Before his interrogation, he went through with his life worrying that the truth about what he and MacLeish's unit did would be uncovered, even quoting from the Bible. [1] When he finally cracked in his interrogation, he had flashbacks of violence.[2]


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