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Alexandra Jane "Alex" Kirkman was the First Lady of the United States. Alex was also an attorney employed at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Her husband Tom Kirkman served as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development until a terrorist attack killed the President and his entire Cabinet at the State of the Union address. Because her husband had been selected as the “designated survivor”, he was sworn in thus making her the First Lady. She is the mother of two children, Leo Kirkman and Penny Kirkman.

During the events of the second season, Alex was the target of a of a national investigation which accused her of being involved in bribery with Icarus Astrotech after a bank account was set up in her name, to which she was eventually cleared of the accusations. However, later that evening, while being escorted by her motorcade, her vehicle was hit by a speeding truck, which resulted in her death.


Alex was born to a Russian mother.


  • She is an Immigration Lawyer but she can also aced Constitutional Law.
  • Alex Kirkman convinced her husband, Tom Kirkman, to take the job as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Alex's mother is Russian as mentioned in a conversation with Tom in episode 14. Making Alex at least 1/2 Russian.