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• 9/6/2018

Netflix revives Designated Survivor for a third season

Cheers, everyone. Let's hope it does better than the second.
Hyped for Season 3?
  • Yes, I am!
  • No, I'm not.
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• 3/21/2018

Designated survivor ringtone

Looking for a download of what I think is Aarons ringtone similar to the CTU one in 24.
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• 3/8/2018


@KalPenn ... Nothing but love for Israel.
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• 7/23/2017

Wiki Logo (Word Mark)

A while back I proposed we replace the wiki logo (also known as a word mark) and was shot down by administration. However, this wiki is becoming more popular and I think we need a little more professional look to everything. I re-designed the Home Page, while keeping a few main elements. I believe it looks much better. Here is the blog where I previewed my ideas and made suggestions:,_Backgrounds,_and_Other_Designs
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• 7/7/2017

No Image Graphics Use

Do you use a "NoImage" Graphic Image when creating pages on this wikia when there in No Graphic or Photo available yet?
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• 12/2/2016
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